1: "Introduction: Learn how to apply eyeliner after 40 with these expert tips and tricks for a youthful and fresh look."

2: "Step 1: Choose a creamy eyeliner pencil in a neutral shade for a softer, more natural look on mature skin."

3: "Step 2: Gently stretch your eyelid to create a smooth surface for applying eyeliner with precision and ease."

4: "Step 3: Start at the inner corner of your eye and gradually build up the line to your desired thickness."

5: "Step 4: For a subtle winged eyeliner look, extend the line slightly upward at the outer corner of your eye."

6: "Step 5: Use a small angled brush to smudge and soften the line for a more blended and flattering finish."

7: "Step 6: Finish off your look with a coat of mascara to define your lashes and open up your eyes."

8: "Pro Tips: Avoid harsh, thick lines and opt for softer, smudged edges for a more youthful and flattering result."

9: "Conclusion: By following these simple steps and expert tips, you can easily master the art of applying eyeliner after 40 for a confident and polished look."

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