1: "Oscars buzz-worthy film 'The Father' leads the way on Netflix and Prime Video."

2: "Experience heartwarming drama 'Minari' on Hulu and Apple TV this week."

3: "Action-packed 'Cherry' starring Tom Holland now streaming on Apple TV."

4: "Thriller 'The Mauritanian' captivates on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu."

5: "Discover sci-fi adventure 'Chaos Walking' on Netflix and Prime Video."

6: "Animated hit 'Raya and the Last Dragon' available on Disney+ and Hulu."

7: "Comedy 'Yes Day' brings laughs on Netflix and Prime Video this weekend."

8: "Romantic drama 'To All the Boys: Always and Forever' now on Netflix."

9: "Horror fans rejoice with 'The Vigil' on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video."

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